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Fri. & Sat. - last call at 1:00 am

     Who are we?     

We are members of the Loyal Order Of Moose and the Women Of The Moose.  We are your neighbors.  We work along side of you.  We attend your places of worship, your schools and colleges and visit your hospitals.  We come from all walks of life, all nationalities, all races and creeds.  We have one over-riding belief that man should

"do one good thing for someone each day."

We like to call ourselves "The Best Kept Secret In America".

 We have helped thousands of children and scores of seniors.  We maintain, with no federal funding, a thousand acre self contained school we call The Child City.  We support a retirement community near Jacksonville, FL with state of the art medical facilities for our retirees.  We refer to that as The City of Contentment.  We donate and help to generate thousands of dollars that go back into our communities.  We provide a safe haven for our children and seniors to meet and enjoy activities.  We do all this and have fun too! 

Last year members of the North Hillsboro LOOM 1741 and WOTM 1763 held fundraisers for some of its members as well as some non-members to help them during difficult times.  We open our facility to our neighbors during times of danger such as the hurricanes that recently passed through.  We donated food and monies to relief efforts in the aftermath of Katrina, Jean, et al..    We assembled and donated care packages for our service personnel overseas.  Yes, we shipped them as well. 

It is not all work though.  We also have entertainers such as Dennis Lee, from the Florida State Fair and Strawberry Festival, and Bobby Hodge of Grand Ol' Opry fame.  We have family picnics on holidays and family dinners weekly.  We have our Cub Scouts and our Boy Scouts and hoping for the Girl Scouts to start soon!  We have Pig Roasts and a Kids Fishing Derby.  We have Sock Hops and a Last Chance Prom.  We have weekly dances as well..  We have much to be thankful for and we are!  That is why we wish to welcome you to our neighborhood.

We donate, help and are affiliated with Safe Surfin', Special Olympics, Make A Wish, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Salvation Army, Scouting, Moose Alert, Youth Sports, DARE and so many other community causes.
We even have a Moose Riders group as well.




The Loyal Order Of Moose is a private organization.  Most functions are for members and qualified quests only.  This is not a solicitation for membership.  We only wish to let you know who your neighbor is.


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